In 2021, according to the American Psychology Association 61% of Americans surveyed  named money as a “very or somewhat significant” source of their stress.

 The Financial Freedom Roadmap Course will provide you with the tools you need to stop stressing over money and achieve the financial confidence you desire.


You feel like your money is going out just as fast as it is coming in? You know you need to pay down debt, but your money won't stretch that far.

You want to manage your money better, but things just seem to keep coming up throwing your finances out of whack.  

You make good money, but you are not sure where it goes. You'd like to have your money work harder for you. 


  • CREATE a simplified spending plan that aligns with your values and those things that matter most to you
  • BUILD a roadmap to crush your financial goals and shape the life you desire
  • IDENTIFY the money triggers that threaten to derail your well designed plans
  • TAKE CONTROL of your money rather than feeling like your money has control over you  
  • SAVE MORE and have peace of mind knowing you can withstand life's ups and downs 
  • DISCOVER how to stop the debt cycle with your generation
Renee Collins CPA


I created this course because of my desire to help others develop a healthy relationship with their money to build wealth and leave a legacy.  I know first hand the stress and anxiety that money creates when you lack a stable financial foundation. 

Shortly after 9/11, I lost my job and felt ill-prepared for the layoff. The only source of income I had was gone. With little savings, I did the only thing I knew how to do as a single parent which was to grind. I started a tax and financial services business with nothing but a laptop, some software and a lot of grit. 

The hard work paid off, it was not an easy journey. There were plenty of sleepless nights plagued with worry over how the bills would get paid.

Within a few years my income hit six figures, not only had I replaced my corporate salary, but I was making a difference doing work I loved. 

I’ve incorporated the lessons I learned from my personal and professional experience into this course to empower others take control over their money so they too can have the life they truly deserve. 

I believe that regardless of where you start in this world, you have spiritual gifts to achieve the financial success you desire for yourself and your family.  

Commit to the journey. Trust the process. Discipline the mind. Be kind to you.

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✓You are tired of the money struggle and you are ready to build a financial foundation for your family. 

✓You want proven debt reduction strategies to leave debt in the rearview mirror for good. 

You want to do better with your money so that you can have a peace of mind and  leave a legacy to your family.


❌You are looking for a quick fix solution to your money challenges. Managing your money is a journey not a sprint.

❌You are not serious about taking control of your money to get out of debt and create a financial foundation. 

❌You just want to live for today and are not worried about what happens tomorrow. 

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D. Change

"I met Renee at a time when I was going through a divorce. She assisted me with getting my finances back on track and ease my financial concerns. During my time with her, I've  established and prioritized my goals and paid off all my credit card debt. I now have a peace of mind over my money."

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When You Enroll You'll Receive: 


1. Access to 4 Step-By-Step Modules with 12 video lessons (Value $197)

2. Full Lifetime Access to all modules and lessons, including updates (Value $147)

3. Downloadable workbook and checklists used with coaching clients (Value $47)

4. BONUS: A group coaching session with a Certified Financial Planner® in a private FaceBook group (Value $247)

5. BONUS: Live 'I'm Done With Debt' Webinar (Value $47)

Value: $685

Your Investment: $97

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I'm Done With Debt Webinar

  • Discover the proven strategies to get out of debt quickly and stay out of debt. 
  • Discover  how to prioritize which debts to pay off first.
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  • Easy to use budget spreadsheet to track your cash flow
  • Net worth tracker spreadsheet 
  •  Live group Q&A session with a CFP® to answer your financial questions.
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AC & Kelsey

We are a newly married couple and did the course together.  We loved how Renee gave relevant and important information while providing space for personal reflection and conversation with one another. This course, coupled with Renee's podcast, has given us tools to establish a solid financial foundation to prepare for retirement and achieve our financial goals."

By The End Of This Course:


You Will:

  • Module 1:  Understand how your mindset impacts your relationship with money
  • Module 2:  Determine where the money is going and identify money leaks.
  • Module 3:  Set and prioritize SMART value-based goals 
  • Module 4:  Pull the plan together and lay the foundation for long term financial success
  • Bonus: LIVE webinar on strategies and resources to get out of debt and stay out of debt
  • Bonus: One hour Q&A group session with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) to ask questions about your financial concerns.

Did you know that 68% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings?

You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have already been traveling and get the same results, or you can choose the road less traveled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received. 

If you want something different to happen, if you want to change your relationship with money, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a  choice and pursue your new outcome. 


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