Making College Affordable

podcast Jul 11, 2022
Making College Affordable Pic

Making College Affordable

The cost of college has been increasing at a rate greater than inflation for years, creating a financial challenge for college students and their families. 

Not to mention college graduates are also leaving their universities with the burden of student loans to averaging  $30 - $37k. These debt numbers are even higher for those graduating with advanced degrees. 

I believe it is fair to say that a college education is still a worthwhile endeavor. If you look at the numbers, college graduates' lifetime earnings are $2.8 million to 3.2 million with a masters degree according to US News. compared to the lifetime earnings of a high school graduate average around $1.9 million. 

In this podcast, guest contributor Francesca Sanders will discuss alternative means of getting through college without excessive debt or placing an undue financial burden on families. She will provide strategies any family can employ to make a college education affordable.