Redefining The American Dream To Live Financially Free

podcast Jun 21, 2022

Redefining The American Dream To Live Financially Free

Can you imagine waking up every day excited to start your day? Being passionate about your work? 

How does the idea of doing what you want to do, when you want to do it with whomever you want to do it with sound to you? 

                                         It’s possible!  It’s called Financial Freedom! 

It’s not an elusive concept. More and more Americans are joining the Financial Freedom Movement to redefine the American dream, including this week’s guest contributors, Rob and Reshawn Lee.

They  will be sharing how they paid off six figures in debt; left their corporate jobs; and traveled the world for twelve months visiting 6 continents and more than 25 countries.

They buck the idea of traditional retirement that many of us have been sold, go to college, work hard, stay in the 9-5 corporate job for 30-40 years, finance everything and hopefully you can retire at 65.

Not the case with Rob and Reshawn Lee, they forged their own path of what financial freedom would look like for their family. Now they're living their own definition of the American dream.

It is not as difficult as some would believe, but it does require some planning, courage and discipline.

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