The Entrepreneurs' GPS: How A Business Plan Guides Your Path To Success

blog Apr 09, 2023

Hi! I'm Renee, CPA, CFP®, and the founder of Retire Ready, a financial planning firm that helps professionals and business owners take control of their money to live fully today, but also ensure they are planning for a secure life in the future. 

When I started my tax and financial services firm in 2005, the firm was more of a scrappy side hustle than a legitimate business. At the time, I had no concrete strategy for the business. My primary aim was to generate some additional income to prop up my bank account while working as a full-time accountant. However, in 2009, I was laid off from my corporate job amid the nation's economic crisis, specifically the housing market crash.

Having no desire to return to the corporate American workplace, I recognized the need to alter my approach to business.

After investigating the reasons behind business failure, it became apparent that I needed to devise a course of action. This video discusses the five essential business plan components I established to grow a scrappy side hustle into a six figure business. 

Download the guide on future proofing your business: