The Intersection Between Money and Mental Health: Financial Therapy Explained

podcast Dec 14, 2022
Lindsay Bryan-Podvin
If you have every struggled with your finances and feel that you have tried every type of budget, watched how to create the best budget on YouTube videos, checked out finance podcasts, but nothing is working.

It may be time to talk to a financial therapist. Yes, they exist! 

Financial therapy is a great way to gain insight into your financial struggles and learn strategies to handle them.

Talking to a financial therapist can help give you the tools and techniques needed to stay on track with your financial ambitions.

With their expert help, you will be able to recognize issues that need addressing and gain a better understanding of your behavior, financial goals and habits.

On this week's Retire Ready Too Podcast, guest contributor Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, Financial Therapist and author (The Financial Anxiety Solution) discusses  how financial therapy can lead to having a healthier relationship with money and provides guidance for navigating the holiday season without breaking the bank or losing track of what matters most.

This episode serves as an insightful resource for anyone struggling to get their finances in order.
Resources mentioned in the podcast

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, Financial Therapist
Book: The Financial Anxiety Solution