Life Insurance Explained

podcast Jul 08, 2022
Life insurance agent

Life Insurance Explained

Today's podcast our guest contributor will discuss  life insurance, who needs it, why and factors that should go into determining how much is needed.

Generally, the primary purpose of life insurance is income replacement for your loved ones should you pass untimely. But there are other factors that should be considered as well.

Such as final expenses, estate taxes, leaving a legacy, charitable purposes. Life insurance can assist with your estate planning goals. 

 Our guest contributor, Spencer Williams is a State Farm agent licensed in the states of Illinois and Indiana. 

He has spent the past fifteen years helping families and individuals  prepare for the unexpected and improve their financial well-being.

He also volunteers his time with Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization that teaches economic and entrepreneurial concepts to students from elementary to high school.  When not running his practice or volunteering, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading or exercising.