Step Out On Faith To Step Into Your Purpose

podcast Sep 29, 2022

Step Out On Faith To Step Into Your Purpose

The Retire Ready Two Podcast is back for season two and just in time for fall.

The goal of the podcast is to inspire, educate, empower listeners to take control of their lives and their money so that they can have a life by design. Rather than one by default.

This week our guest contributor is Yarelys Tifa, a first generation professional who is passionate about teaching and impacting others on their financial journeys.

After she became debt free in 2019, she began to use the tools and lessons she learned to help other people pursue the same. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science and Resource Economics and a Concentration and Business management and marketing.

Yarelys is sharing her heartfelt journey from humble beginnings to leaving a toxic work environment so she can pursue a business that was in alignment with what mattered most to her and makes a difference in the community.

You can support Yarelys on her social media platforms listed below:
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280 Route 17 North Suite 197
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