The Great Escape: Making The Leap From Employee To Entrepreneur

podcast Nov 15, 2022

Becoming a business owner is not for the faint at heart. If it were everyone would take the leap.

It can be a fairly scary adventure, especially if you go into it without a plan. In this week's podcast, my guest contributor Alexandra Davis, a fellow CPA, CFP® and I discuss our experiences as business owners; and the challenges we see other business owners face; and steps you can take to avoid common mistakes.  

Whether you work for yourself or for somebody else, there are a lot of things you need to consider before taking the step. Many people think starting a company sounds exciting: you are the boss, making your own hours, more freedom to do what you want.

But on the flip side of the coin is A LOT of sacrifice, long hours, lonely days and broke bank accounts.

Here are some tips we suggest as you pursue a business owners' journey:

Step 1: Develop The Right Mindset - Read self-development books, spend time with like-minded people and stay true to your why.

Step 2: Create A Plan - Remain nimble and be prepared to pivot. A plan is a helpful start, but it will change, stay open to possibilities.

Step 3: Build A Great Team - A good accountant and attorney are the key to mitigating mishaps. But building a network of other professionals will take you far.

Step 4: Develop systems - Treat your business as a legit company from day 1. Develop sound accounting systems and procedures.

Step 5: Stay The Course - No-one said it would easy, but everything you need to succeed is within you.

Resources Mentioned In the Podcast:

Alexandra Davis, CPA, CFP® - Founder, AGA Tax & Consulting Services, LLC 

The Big Leap By Gay Hendricks

Master The Money Game By Tony Robbins

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch By Denise Duffield-Thomas

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude By Napoleon Hill & W Stone


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