Your Kids, Their Money

podcast Dec 05, 2022

Hey Parents! It is time to have the talk with your children around money.  Even if you did not have this talk with your parents or you were raised to believe money is a taboo subject that we do not discuss.

If you do not talk to you children about money, how will they learn?
Someone will teach them.

It may be lessons learned from Hard Knocks University. No-one wants that for their children.

 You may not know where to start, you may have made mistakes with your money.

 It's OK. 

Share your experiences with your children. They need to understand how money works.

                             Now is a great opportunity to have these discussions.

In this week's episode, guest presenter Clifton Corbin not only shares the why we need to talk to our kids about money, but when and how we should do it as well.

He authored his first book, Your Kids, Their Money: A Parents Guide To Raising Financially Literate Children, which focuses on providing parents with the skills and tools to teach financial literacy to their children.

He's a graduated of Niagara University with a Master's Degree in Business Administration and has spent years studying finance and is a passionate advocate for advancing the financial literacy of children and young adults.

Clifton answers the following questions in the podcast and much more....

When to have the money talk?

Do you pay an allowance or have them earn it?

How much allowance should your kids receive?

How to make managing money fun? Yes, it is possible 🤓

If you have children, you don't want to miss this episode!

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Clifton Corbin, Author & Financial Literacy Advocate


Your Kids, Their Money: A Parent's Guide to Raising Financially Literate Children 

The Richest Man Person in Babylon: Revised for Modern Times