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NOW LIVE Podcast Episode 4

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: NOW LIVE Podcast Episode 4

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Today’s episode is focused on the basics of retirement planning for small business owners.

Owners are busy wearing multiple hats on any given day. Sometimes, it’s hard to think about retirement when you are immersed in the daily minutia of running a business. 


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This episode discusses the question many parents will be faced with at some point. Should they save for their children's college education or for their own retirement.

With college costs increasing around 8% annually and students graduating with $37,000 in debt, it is natural for parents to feel obligated to help their children defray some of the costs. 

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This episode is a rant about consumerism and buying a bunch of crap we don't need to satiate a short-term desire.

Many of us are sleep walking through life. We don't even know what our dream is anymore. We’re just doing what everyone else is doing, rather than focusing on what it is that we really want.

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Today’s guest has built a strong reputation as a former NFL player with the Denver Broncos, the Miami Dolphins. And of course the Chicago Bears.

He has taken his leadership skills from on the field to off the field, as he pursues a leadership role as a key note and motivational speaker.

I introduce you to Desmond Clark

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